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Key Words—Industry Specific Terminology and Definitions

Several years ago no one had heard of key words. Today, no matter where you turn, you hear this term. What are key words, and how do they apply to your job search?
  • KEY WORDS are simply buzz words for various industries and professions that clearly communicate a specific function, skill, accomplishment, or responsibility.
  • KEY WORDS are the standards by which companies and/or recruiters screen applicants' resumes and have become an increasingly dominant tool in today's hiring market.
  • KEY WORDS on resumes are electronically scanned by advanced technology to identify specific qualifications, competencies, and successes.
  • KEY WORDS help you compete with the thousands of resumes being viewed by companies using Internet postings to fill positions.
  • KEY WORDS should be used throughout your resume and cover letter, and/or they can be consolidated into one single section at the top of your resume.
  • KEY WORDS are powerful tools to incorporate into all job search materials including career biographies, internet postings, profiles, networking, or general business correspondence.
  • KEY WORDS get your resume noticed—not passed over.

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